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Perspectives on the 1972 Film Adaptation
First Page of the Original Manuscript
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The First Edition:
A Separate Peace was first published in England (London) in 1959 by Secker and Warburg.  MacMillan published it a year later in 1960 for the US (New York) release.  One thing that changed during the publication of the first editions, was the dust jacket.  MacMillan changed the dust jacket due to confusion about the book.  The first issue dust jacket gave the appearance that the book was for the youth.  However, due to the more mature and advanced themes in the novel, the dust jacket was adjusted for the US MacMillan release to give a more young adult look. 

Images of The First Edition, Second Printing, Signed:

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The "First Issue" Dust Jacket
First Printing in England

The "Second Issue" Dust Jacket
First US Edition Dust Jacket

From the Title Page

MacMillan's Stamp


Dedicated to John Knowles' Parents, James M. Knowles and Mary Beatrice Shea Knowles

Title of the Book

Title Page in the Book

The "Second" Dust Jacket

The Page One of ASP

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 the book.

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The Rear Cover with reviews

The 1972 Film:
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